Robinson Ransbottom Pottery

(updated 8/04/02)

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Lid Wanted

RRP  Hi Diddle Diddle Karen
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle (gold) Lou
RRP Chef Duwayne
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle  (gold or plain) Andy
RRP Ole King Cole Duwayne
RRP Chef Lyn
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle Ricky
RRP Oscar Karen
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle (without gold) Karen
RRP Sheriff Pig Jan
RRP Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Mary
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle Gary
RRP Oscar Harry
RRP Peach/Apple Judy
RRP Oscar  (red hat) BonJoGo
RRP Dutch Girl Ed
RRP Old King Cole Amy
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle Amy
RRP Jocko Ron
RRP Wise Bird (Hootie Owl) Holly
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle Joy
RRP Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Cookie Jar no.1502 Thelma
RRP Jocko the Monkey Carol
RRP Wise Bird (Hootie Owl) Kevin
RRP Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Don
RRP Wise Bird (Hootie Owl) Sharon
RRP Oscar w/ Orange Hat Phyllis
RRP Whale  (lid is blue hat) Karen
RRP Sheriff Pig Russ
RRP Hi Diddle Diddle Carrie
RRP Sheriff Pig (yellow hat) Jean
RRP Cookie Stories Owl  Lois
RRP Sheriff Pig (yellow hat) Sandra


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Base Wanted

RRP Dutch Girl kazz


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Lid For Sale

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Base For Sale

RRP Sheriff Pig  Carol


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To submit a listing for these pages, please email me the jar's manufacturer, jar name, whether it is a lid or base, and whether you are looking for or selling the part.
Listings on these pages are provided free of charge.   I make no claims as to a jar's condition or price,or am I a broker for the seller.    You must contact the person who is buying or selling yourself.